Stuck on Planet Earth Vaughan Pizzafest 2016

Stuck On Planet Earth is a 3-piece alternative rock band from Vaughan, Ontario, that possess a certain intrigue and raw energy about their live performance that calls on people from the back of the room. It’s that Stuck On Planet Earth feels like they sound, and that’s real. It’s the seedy back-stories about heat and lust, love and loss that this band tells so well, and it’s wrapped up in a gritty, bare bones, from the gut sound, that has them speaking to our most human emotions.

Stuck On Planet Earth is a band that will draw you in on their honesty, turn you on with their intensity, and provoke you to feel again.

Spookey Ruben Vaughan Pizzafest 2016

“Spookey Ruben’s debut album…broke through the fog like a radiant sunbeam of pop excitement” – OWEN PALLETT

Highly regarded as a pioneer in the 90s Alternative music scene, Spookey Ruben’s successes began with many of his self-directed music videos making it into high rotation on MuchMusic and MTV. ‘Modes of Transportation Vol. 1′ (TVT Records) Spookey’s home-spun-playing-all-instruments debut album shot to the top of music critics top ten lists catapulting him into intergalactic stardom.

“Pop Fantasia Genius” – MOJO MAGAZINE

His enthralling live performances both w/ band and solo-acoustic have taken him around the world (USA, Europe and Japan) sharing the stage with likes of The Flaming Lips, Supergrass and Ben Folds.

“If you wanted to be creative and daring…Spookey was the only role model in town” – CHILLY GONZALES

With the launch of ‘Spookey Ruben’s Dizzy Playground’ (Divine Cardboard/Hi-Hat Films) a series of short films which have aired on AUX TV and Bite Television. Spookey has created a special place for him to stretch his imagination with music, humour and fantasy. Guest starring in his shorts are notable musicians such as Feist, John McEntire (Tortoise/The Sea and Cake), Ariel Pink, Maylee Todd, Voivod, Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins). His newest album ‘Welsh Rarebits’ (Hi-Hat/Sonic Unyon) was just released in conjunction with a successful North American Tour in June 2014.

Glass Amp Vaughan Pizzafest 2016

Canadian rock and blues act “Glass Ampp” formed instantaneously when four neighbourhood friends decided to dedicate their combined energies into a soulful, passionate and electrifying band. Glass Ampp delivers unforgettably intense live performances and have garnered marquee gigs at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in 2009 and 2012, Junofest 2012, on extensive Southern Ontario Tours in 2013, at Vaughan Canada Day Festival 2013, at Canadian Music Week 2014, and most recently the grand prize at Rock 95- Local and Loud Battle of The Bands Contest 2014.

The magic of their rockin’ blues based sound is the key to their timeless, riff laden songs that are not simply the flavour of the week, but music that will be relevant in perpetuity. Glass Ampp’s onstage chemistry, raw-talent and innovative sound is undeniably electrifying, as is evident by the increasing, all age fan-base of dedicated admirers. The band states: “the intense connection with our audiences that we experience at every show is what we’re all about.”

Their debut EP, “Half Empty”, was produced by Matthew Von Wagner (USS, Crystal Castles, Most Non-Heinous, Alpha Galates and The Dunes) and assistant engineered by John Wozniak (Marcy Playground). The songs off their EP demonstrate the band’s incontestable talent and their distinctive sound which separates them from all other Indie bands. Alan Cross, music industry guru and Canadian radio broadcaster, described their original song “I Know You Know” as a “slow moving blues-rock song with soul”.

Following a relentless torrent of song writing sessions “Glass Ampp” is on the brink of recording their first full-length album as they head to the studio this summer. The band’s first North American Tour, which will be confirmed over the coming months, will launch Glass Ampp into the U.S. market. The first single off the new album will be supported by a music video, further touring, and a national radio campaign.

“Glass Ampp gets the fans screaming like Leviathan” – NXNE (North By Northeast)

Fast Romantics at Vaughan Pizzafest 2016

Fast Romantics are a Toronto-based band first formed in Calgary by Matthew Angus and Jeffrey Lewis. The son of a piano teacher, Angus drifted in the margins of the Calgary music scene before forming the band with Lewis in 2008. Following some early independent releases the band began work on their first LP, Afterlife Blues (2013), shortly after moving to Toronto, with producer Howard Redekopp (New Pornographers, Teagan & Sara). The album was in some sense a process of discovery for the band, as they grew into their sound, encompassing new influences as Angus began to refine his songwriting. The album’s first single, “Funeral Song,” was an early culmination of this process, and rapidly garnered an audience via heavy radio play, propelling the band into a year of consistent touring highlighted by prominent slots at Virgin Fest, SXSW and CMJ.

Despite this early success the band found themselves at a crossroads as they considered their next step, and Angus began to question the band’s direction. “There was a disconnect,” says Angus, “we’d go out and make loud party music but that wasn’t what I was listening to when I got home, so there was a disparity and I wanted to figure it out.” To this end Angus began considering bringing another songwriter into the project and contacted Kirty, who at the time was focused on her own music. “Kirty was one of the first people I wrote to because I was just captivated by what she was doing,” he says, “it’s the first time I’ve ever had another songwriter in the band. I’m still writing these songs but Kirty is the counterweight to the whole thing and she’s going to call bullshit on me. She will tell me when things ring false, when the songs don’t reflect me, and I think now the songs are coming from a more genuine place.”

This new approached yielded “Julia,” a track produced with Gus Van Go and Werner F (Michael Rault, Hollerado, Whitehorse) that attracted the attention of NPR, KEXP and the CBC, among others, with Angus’ deft pop songwriting drawing comparisons to Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker and Bruce Springsteen.

The band’s new single, “Animal,” is the product of the same collaboration and sees the band reunite with Gus Van Go and Werner F as producers. Exploring Cartesian themes, the song is, for Angus, a continuation of the “rebirth” of Fast Romantics and very much a product of his relationship with Kirty. “We were out one night and there was some awful narrative to the night with some guy we both knew acting horribly, and it got us talking about base instincts and how certain people act on them while others resist. We actually ended up having a huge argument about it and I woke up the next morning with the song in my head.” The band recently completed a full length with Van Go and Werner F to be released in the Summer of 2016.